Beth Jacob - Space Rental & Services

Space Rental & Services

Our facility offers versatile rental options to suit your needs. Whether you’re hosting a community gathering, celebrating a special occasion, or organizing a program, our spaces are available for rent.

In addition to our exceptional rental spaces, Beth Jacob Synagogue offers a wide range of services to meet various needs. We are proud to provide various services to our members and friends, such as conversion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, funeral arrangements, a vibrant Hebrew School Program and much more.

Attached below, you will find a fee schedule detailing our affordable rates for space rental and the different services, as well as a space rental agreement for your convenience. For more information, to book a rental or coordinate a service, or to inquire about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach our office at 306-757-8643 or email us at

We are committed to helping you create a memorable and successful event at Beth Jacob Synagogue, and we are honoured to serve you with our comprehensive range of services.


Jewish National Fund of Canada

Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA

Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

Aleph Canada

B’nai Brith Canada

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan

Regina Multi-Faith Forum


Sophie Kanee Library

The Sophie Kanee Library, a Jewish library for children and adults, offers a wide range of resources for the study and appreciation of the Jewish religion, heritage, culture, and people.

Our collection includes approximately 3000 books (English, Yiddish, and Hebrew), periodicals, records, audiotapes (music and spoken word), and videos. The children’s area offers stories and books about Judaism and Jewish life for toddlers, children, and youth. The general collection covers many Jewish topics – literature and folklore (English, Yiddish, and Hebrew); religious study and practice; history; Jewish life; women and Judaism; contemporary issues; culture; Israel, and the study of Hebrew and Yiddish.

Special features of the Sophie Kanee Library include sections devoted to the history of Canadian and Saskatchewan Jewish communities, a large collection of old prayer books from many countries, Holocaust material in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew, and spoken word recordings of articles from Jewish magazines.

The Sophie Kanee Library is used by children and adults of all ages for Jewish information and entertainment. Visit us soon!

Regina Jewish Cemetery

The Beth Jacob Synagogue has owned and operated a Jewish Cemetery in the central area of the City of Regina for over 100 years. This Cemetery embraces the equivalent of three city blocks and abuts Regina Civic Cemetery.

The Cemetery is divided into two distinct parts. The traditional Cemetery is for Jewish burials only and has existed for over 100 years. There remains an adequate number of unfilled plots to accommodate the congregations’ needs well into the foreseeable future.

In 2005 a second Cemetery was created within the existing lands of the Jewish Cemetery, but separate and apart from the traditional Cemetery. This new Cemetery was created to fulfil the needs of families of Jewish and non-Jewish spouses and children. 

Odd numbered plots are designated as Jewish Cemeteries while even numbered plots are designated non-Jewish Cemeteries. Dividing the occupied plots of Jew and non-Jew is a chain link fence mounted to posts at the head and foot of the grave.
This physical division accords with Jewish law and enables spouses and families of mixed faiths to be buried next to one another.

Beth Jacob Synagogue owns and operates a fully modern funeral home which is also located upon the spacious Cemetery grounds. The Chevra Kadisha or Sacred Burial Society of Beth Synagogue, consists of a men’s and women’s division. Full funeral services are provided in strict accordance with Jewish laws and customs.

These Cemeteries are beautified by trees and shrubbery ranging from a few years old to a century old. The Cemetery is maintained year round by a professional groundskeeper. The Chevra Kadisha works closely with the City of Regina Parks Department and a local funeral home to provide total services. Consequently, funeral rates and plot prices are kept to a minimum with preferred rates to congregants in good standing and discretionary rates for non-members.

Beth Jacob Synagogue also maintains a dedicated perpetual care trust account to ensure future care of the Cemeteries and funeral home. Prepayment for funerals and plot reservations are accepted and managed in a separate trust account in conformity with the provincial Cemeteries Act. Plot reservations may be arranged through the administrative offices of the Beth Jacob Synagogue.

There are uniform architectural requirements with respect to monuments, grave covers and floral embellishments. The Beth Jacob Synagogue Cemeteries rank with the finest and most beautiful of Cemeteries in Canada.

For more information about the Regina Cemetery & Regina Hebrew Cemetery on Broad St. &  4th Ave, please click here.