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The Mildred & Michael Rosen Family Pavilion

Mildred Rosen was born in Regina in 1922. The youngest of Barnet and Eve Zurif’s three children, Mildred met her beloved Mike in Montreal where they married in 1944. After WWII they settled in Regina where Mike established Northwest Electric. They had three children Gayle, Lynn and David. David died tragically in 1973. Following Mike’s death in 1999, Mildred moved to Toronto to be close to her two daughters, six grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren.

Mildred never forgot her ties to her home community of Beth Jacob Synagogue in Regina, as this beautiful building attests. It stand as a lasting link between her family and the beth Jacob Community. 

"The Jewish Algorithm" - A Commencement Speech from Rabbi Sacks

As many young Jewish high school pupils and university students graduate after a strange and truncated academic year, I want to share a version of a 2017 speech I gave about “The Jewish Algorithm” because I believe it contains some crucial messages as you continue on your journey. Think of it as my commencement speech to you all! Mazal tov!

Why Don't You Support Israel?

Israel is one of the most free and most prosperous countries in the world. Not only is Israel a booming economy and a wellspring of innovation, it is the only democracy in the Middle East. So why is it so controversial to support the Jewish state? Stephen Harper, the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, lays out several fundamental truths about America’s most critical ally.